Our Product Portfolio

Performance Fibers has a portfolio of product performance that derives from different yarn types such as polyester, Nylon 66 and aramid and from different product forms including tire cord fabrics, twisted cord, high tenacity fully drawn yarn (FDY), canvas and dipped single end cord (SEC).

Performance Fibers is able to deliver this wide range of fiber and fabric performance because it has formed strategic alliances with major producers of aramid and N66 in addition to having own core strengths in Polyester fiber and fabric producers. Performance Fibers is the pioneer in DSP® dimensionally stable polyester and have over the years been a high quality and consistent supplier of DSP® yarn and twisted cord, tire cord fabrics, canvas, and SEC to tire, MRG and industrial markets.

Performance Fibers has been in past few years engaged in product innovations for addressing the evolving requirements in the tire reinforcement market. Tire cord fabric new performance includes high thermal adhesion THERMTEC™ to reduce risk of heat-generated failure, extra-high dimensional stability UNITEC™ for enhanced handling, extra-high tenacity ECOTEC™ for carcass weight reduction and specialty material of unique properties PLYTEC™ and CAPTEC™ for nylon replacement and lowered total cost of ownership in carcass and cap ply applications respectively.

Markets We Serve

Performance Fibers have targeted Tire, MRG, auto-safety, sewing thread and selected industrial markets for growth, supplying a range of performance products to satisfy the high standard of customers’ industries.

Performance Fibers seeks to build longer term customer relationship and partnership in the chosen markets, constantly monitoring the evolving market requirement and investing in R&D efforts to develop product offerings that add value to customers’ products and processes.